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Engineering Capabilities

We have a large engineering workshop and skilled staff to discuss your requirements.


U-bolts are in stock or can be made 'while you wait' at times to one off dimensions from 10mm material to large 28mm specialised forged u-bolts.
(See separate U-bolt and Threaded Rods Tab on website).


 Pipe saddles, hook clamps, eyebolts, crow bars, brackets, agricultural u-bolts and tines, are among some of the many products we manufacture or repair.

Sway Bars

Bellamy and East have the capacity and experience to upgrade and improve the sway bars on almost any vehicle whether it requires a threaded end, forged end or rounded end.


Sway bars are used to enhance steering and stability and are used most commonly on race cars.


If you don't have a stabilizer bar, you tend to experience trouble with body roll in a turn.


If you have too much stabilizer bar, you tend to lose independence between the suspension members on both sides of the car.


When one wheel hits a bump, the stabilizer bar transmits the bump to the other side of the car as well.


The ideal is to find a setting that reduces body roll but does not hurt the independence of the tyres.


Come in and let Bellamy and East recommend the right sway bar for your specific needs. Our sway bars are made to sample, whatever size or steel you are after.